Beware The Holiday Love Rat!



As I have said many times over sociopaths can be found everywhere, however one of the worst type of sociopath is the holiday/vacation love rat.

Since time immemorial when singletons go on holiday the chances of meeting someone romantically are fairly high. This can be a sangria fueled one night stand and you end up having several holiday romances. Or the object of your affection may spend the rest of the holiday with you be it a week or two weeks by the end of that time you may find yourself head over heels in love. 

 Once you return home and you are back to work, back to normal the bloom can fall be off the rose fairly quickly and you put it down to no more than a holiday romance. Of course some holiday romances do work and are genuine so it does happen, but this is not what I am addressing today.

The problem I see with holiday romances are that firstly you are not in your usual environment, you are in a completely different frame of mind. If you are anything like me copious amounts of alcohol will definitely be involved which will skew your rational, you become more trusting and your let your inhibitions go and you tend to throw caution to the wind. When you are lying on a beautiful beach, cocktail in hand with a handsome man by your side rubbing in your sun tan lotion, you can think you are in a harlequin novel.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with this if you are 18-30.

30-39 is a grey area and can go either way. The main problem is when you are 40-70 single, and desperate for love. The truth is who wants to spend their days alone? not many and the prospect of spending your twilight years, knitting and planting flowers may be not as appealing to some. Besides the 40-70 year old this day and age is nothing like the 40-70 year old of the past many of us are not ready to hang up our disco pants and lay in a darkened room waiting to die.

The down side to this unfortunately  is that you are the perfect target for the holiday sociopathic love rat.

I am not referring to the “Shirley Valentine” type of love rat where the guy is seeing you off in the departure lounge at the airport expressing his devotion to you and soon as you are on the plane he hops over to arrivals to see what fresh meat has just flown in, bad as this type of love rat is, it is to be expected and has been happening to women for as long as I can remember.

I am referring to the sociopathic love rat that chooses you; they are generally half your age, handsome and shower you with attention. They know that you are lonely; you may not be an oil painting, things may have headed south some years ago and there is a good chance that you have not had sex in years.

The sociopathic love rat can be from anywhere in the world. At the moment the incidences of women becoming involved with this type of sociopath is very very high in The United Kingdom.

I am really quite horrified at the amount of desperate older women using their fuel allowance money and pensions/social security money to go to countries like Turkey, Tunisia, The Gambia (West Africa) and Morocco.


(When I see pictures like this I think seriously?? Does this woman seriously think that this is her soul mate? The sad part is she does, she will not listen to friends and family she is naïve and desperate for love and the clown in the picture knows it.)

If they are going to just have fun in the sun that is fine but the majority of these women are looking for love; they know that some (not all) of the men in these countries love foreign women and their chances of meeting someone are high. But they fail to realize that this is what some of these men do for a living. Let’s face it compared to the U.K. these countries are poor, these guys automatically think if you come from England you are rich, which even though you may be getting your pension you may be compared to them.

 Many of these women become completely unhinged and do the craziest things that  under normal circumstances they would not dream of doing. Why? You might well ask.

These chosen women have never felt so wanted and adored in years, they can’t believe their luck that this handsome 20 something boy would think they are the most beautiful thing to walk the planet. They drink the Kool aid, even though they know they could pass for the boy’s granny. They don’t care they are having the best sex of their lives and they will do anything to keep it going. I have heard of women selling their homes and all their possessions in order to keep the new toy boy in the style he has become accustomed to.


 “There is no fool like an old fool”.thATFMUEIE

I have heard of May-December relationships but this more like May-1000 years BC.)

Upon returning to England they are bombarded with love messages and  begging messages they may be asked to send money, clothes and trainers/tennis shoes, X-box whatever their little heart’s desire which is a massive red flag but is ignored.

The sociopathic love rat gets all he can out of the woman because he knows he has her under his spell. He will propose marriage in a very short space of time and before the woman even realizes it he is in her house with his feet firmly under the table, with her taking care of everything financially because he will not be allowed to work until a work visa is granted which can take months.

These love rat sociopaths have one thing in mind and that is to marry the woman as quickly as possible so they can get their visa to stay in the U.K. Time and time again as soon as the visa is granted the sociopath holiday love rat is gone. He generally already has another woman to fall back on. I do have empathy for these women after all I was taken in by a sociopath who passed himself off as attorney (See sociopath of the week: Charles) and I am by no means dumb, so it is easily done. 

I think the thing that baffles me is if the woman decides to throw caution to the wind and marries her love rat, surely she must realize they have a completely different culture to her, many love rats are Moslem (not all) the way women are supposed to behave in this culture is night and day to what the average British woman is used to.  Yet this is not given a second thought. I married an American and in the beginning the culture difference was the main bone of contention, we are used to doing things a certain way and so are they, there has to be a lot of compromise to get on the same page.

What is very interesting about these love rats that are Moslem, when they meet their future brides on holiday, alcohol is no problem, the way they dress is no problem boobs and legs galore! they have no problem with the woman having a full English, which is breakfast comprised of the rooter to the tooter in pork. As soon as they marry them all hell breaks loose and the woman must now conform. For the average British woman this is a shock not realizing this was all part of the game to reel them in.

Some of these love rats beat the women into submission even though they know their time together will be short. I urge any woman that is planning to go to one of these countries looking for love, by all means go and follow your heart but take your brain with you!

 {Shirley Valentine is a great movie check it out, it is about a married woman who is fed up with her life and goes to Greece on holiday and has a holiday romance and decides not to come back.


Have you been involved with a holiday love rat? Share your story below.