Are You Involved With A Sociopath?




Sociopaths come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. They can be found everywhere in the work place, friends, associates, boyfriends or girlfriends.
The kind of sociopath that I am referring to is the romantic kind, having been involved with several in my dating life I can now spot one a mile away. The best advice I can give if you feel you are involved with a sociopath is cut your losses and run far, far away.
Some of you already know the story of the snake, where a woman walking finds a snake slithering on the ground it appeared hurt so she took it home, nursed it back to health and took great care of it. One day the snake turned around and bit her pumping it’s venom into her hand. The woman was shocked and cried “Why did you bite me after all I have done for you?” The snake said “You knew I was a snake when you picked me up”.
Unfortunately this is not always true of the sociopath they appear charming, your knight in shining armor, female sociopaths can seem like the woman of your dreams.
One thing both male and female sociopaths have in common is they want something from you and that is your Dignity, your pride, your self-respect and your money. Coming out of a relationship with a sociopath can leave you emotionally battered, depressed and unable to trust people. Some people have lost everything and are left bereft. They blame themselves a common one is “How could I have been so stupid?” You are not alone; sociopaths are expert at playing the game they “choose you”.
I was perhaps one of the lucky ones, I found out about my Mr. wonderful quite early on in the relationship never the less it is still devasting to realize that what you thought you had with this person was not real. I spent hours obsessing over how could I have been so stupid and why, like a lamb to the slaughter had I believed everything he said.
As I said earlier I was quite lucky I was not left too much out of pocket, some people are left with nothing.
Money aside, what is more devasting is the emotional fall-out, the physical pain of being used and in extreme cases there is violence and verbal abuse.

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